About Me

Thanks for stopping by Carve Your Creation, your source for all things woodworking. Carve Your Creation was started by myself, Scott Bermhin, in 2017. I’m a carpenter with decades of experience; I have extensive knowledge in wood carving and cabinet making, among other things.

ScottOn Carve Your Creation, I’m passing on all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from thousands upon thousands of hours in his workshop. I’m providing tips, tricks, techniques, nuggets of wisdom, and addressing many of the common problems and questions that novice and intermediate woodworkers have. I’m also giving my honest take on various woodworking products, both physical and digital, that are out there.

Whether you’re someone who’s looking to get into woodworking for the first time, or you’ve been practicing and are looking to expand your knowledge in the area, it’s my hope that you get a lot of value out of the content on my site. Feel free to leave a comment under any of the articles on the site; you can otherwise contact me here.

Happy woodworking!