23 Cool Applications Of CNC Machines

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You are very unlikely to find any manufacturing field that doesn’t use an automated CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

A CNC machine is a must-have for any individual working at or owning a manufacturing corporation. Today, there is a high demand for these machines, as they have a wide range of applications in various industries.

So as to fulfill all these demands, training programs have been created to educate people on the processes and operations of CNC machines. You can find out more about CNC machines on this page.

The first NC machine was developed in the 1940s. It relied on the technology of telecommunication data storage. This technology is sometimes referred to as punched tape technology. After the 1950s, punched tape started to become outdated, and data technology quickly shifted to digital computer processing.

In prototype development, CNC mostly relies on instructions that are in digital form from CAD (Computer Aided Design) files. The CNC machine interprets the design as directions for cutting archetype parts.

Programming computerized devices to precisely control the tools of a machine greatly improves shop productivity by automating technical and labor-intensive processes. Automated cuts improve the accuracy and speed in which prototype parts can be created.


CNC machines can effectively do forming, grinding, DIY projects and other tasks, and can do the job of lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

Here are 23 applications of CNC machines:

1. Aerospace

Nearly every industry requires accuracy, but it is very crucial that airplane parts like turbine engines are built and operate at high accuracy levels. Aircraft cannot be considered safe or reliable for both goods and humans for travel purposes without exact parts.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Aerospace

Aerospace prefers CNC machining since it gives five-axis functionality needed in the industry. It is capable of cutting hard materials such as Inconel.

2. Automotive

CNC machining is used in gears, pins, brakes, shafts, and other parts which are used on various types of vehicles of various models and sizes.

From military cars to specialized auto vehicles, CNC machines play a major role in the production of both small and large parts.

3. Engraving

With CNC engraving machines, someone can achieve perfectly accurate engravings in glass, metal, stone, and wood.

You can engrave on various materials like brass, aluminum, glass, granite, stainless steel, and marble. Using a High-Z engraver is recommended for carrying out your ideas for decorations or labeling.

4. Agriculture

CNC has the agriculture industry covered. In the agricultural industry, CNC machining is used by manufacturers of agricultural machines and in horticulture operations, just to name a couple.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Agriculture

These operations need high-end products which are reliable, regardless of whether it’s hardware for a gate to keep livestock secure to all other parts of electronic components or harvesters.

5. Construction

The types of equipment and tools that are used in construction sites rely heavily on CNC machines.


CNC machining is among the most important processes for building, whether you’re working with stone, wood, screws, or other building materials to create a building structure. It is often responsible for attractive sculptural features in architecture like relief, and it can also be of use for safety features or aid.

6. Milling

With CNC machines, you can mill all materials. Different variants like synchronized milling and standard milling are used.

7. Furniture

The furniture industry continues to grow year after year, in line with the increasing population growth rate around the world.

CNC routers are used to cut wood for furniture, although many people use it for woodcarving. The uses of CNC routers also include exterior and interior wood decorations, moldings, signboards, houses, boats, toys and wood frames.

CNC routers have also become popular for making components of cabinets and drawers. Using CNC machining, cabinet makers can manufacture doors, cabinet boxes and shelves.

8. Cutting

You can also use a CNC machine as a cutting machine or as a plotter. There are many possible applications in this respect; the choice of the tool entirely depends on the material to be processed.

CNC cutters are usually used to describe logos or lettering and cut them out of foil perfectly.

9. Electronics

Computer motherboards have many small parts which must work with accuracy and reliability. The complicated electronic hardware items have a series of metal slats, small wires, panels, engraved numbers and many other precise details which CNC machining directs or designs.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Electronics

It’s not just motherboards, though; many other components for computers are built with CNC machines.

10. Dental

The implants in dentistry require machining to be of exact shape or size. Furthermore, with items which are implanted surgically, there are additional tools that assistants and doctors use.

In order to place these tools or items in the proper location, specific curves, angles or textures will help the specialists handling it to keep their grip.

11. Signing

ShopBot tools are often used in sign making to cut plastic and aluminium letters, carve images in foam and wood, and indicate to the machine all sorts of graphical objects and letters with the help of CNC machining. It has the ability to cut in 3D on practically everything.

12. Electrical

Most electrical tools are created with the help of CNC machining. They include decorative items, breaker panels, and cut coils.

13. Food & Beverage

Every time you go to a restaurant or food store to eat or look for a soda, there is (or was) a CNC machine involved in serving all your needs.

Most likely, each place that serves or prepares food and drinks is intimately familiar with how CNC machining helps them do business.

14. Equipment

CNC machining is involved in creating machines heavy and light, small and big, as well as in most other types of equipment. Now, it’s not wholly accountable for the creation of massive earthmover, for example, it would certainly be used in many steps of its construction.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Equipment

The size and texture of a fastener, crowbar, and the smooth angles and blade of a garden spade are all great examples of equipment built with the help of CNC machining.

15. DIY Projects

DIY stands for do-it-yourself. With the help of CNC machines, you can complete awesome projects at home or anywhere. The only factors to consider are time, cost, and difficulty level.

You can create your own DIY CNC router, 3D printer, and much more cool stuff using CNC machines based on your knowledge and ability.

If you want to know how to obtain your own CNC router for home use at a very low price, check this out!

16. Jewelry

Have you ever imagined a wedding or engagement ring in its crude state as a mass of silver or a piece of gold? Experts employ CNC machining on a couple of axes to form rings from those items.

CNC machining is used in jewelry industries to make small, special inscriptions.

17. Military

Another application of CNC machines is in the military industry. CNC machining is needed in all kinds of weapons, particularly firearms.

If you are lucky enough to have seen a disassembled gun, you have surely seen the work of CNC machines: pins, barrels, pins, triggers, ammunition clips, plates, and other firearms parts.

18. Medical

The healthcare industry requires CNC micromachining of small segments from different materials for life-saving matters.

CNC machining has a range of uses, from implements and tools that medical experts use, to objects that go inside our bodies such as pacemakers or titanium joints.

19. Manufacturing

Everywhere in the world, people are making things on the production line. CNC machining is involved in most or all aspects of production in these manufacturing industries.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Manufacturing

Plates, levers, and panels are parts which keep production of different types of equipment in smooth operation.

20. Printing

Newspaper printing and commercial plants also use CNC machining to a considerable degree in their facilities.

CNC machining creates publications which people see every day through presses, newspaper printing and ad-inserting machines.

21. Routing

A CNC machine uses computer software and electronics in the CNC controller to drive a mechanical system. By using this setup, one can achieve extraordinary precision and accuracy as compared to humans.

CNC machines are very efficient since they work in 3 directions, hence giving the machine the ability to curve very complex shapes.

22. Turning

Nowadays you will tend to see lathe machines in almost all workshops, industries, and also in small roadside workshops or even garages for heavy vehicles.

CNC lathe machines are also of great use in these fields. It’s a process of cutting a workpiece on a lathe. Advancements in technology are paving the way for CNC lathes to replace the traditional production of lathes. They are very easy to set.

See a CNC lathe machine in action in this video:

23. Transportation

Almost all modes of transport on the ground use CNC machining; among them are transit, rail, over-the-road trucking, and more.

From small circuits and electronics to large sheets that make up vehicle forms, it takes an array of CNC machining processes to get these vehicles ready for the road.


There are many more industries that rely on the work of CNC machines. CNC machines expedite any production order for industries with big quantities to process and also produce consistently and precisely matched parts, which manual production normally cannot achieve.

Applications Of CNC Machines - Manufacturing

CNC machining also affords broader capability than many experts in various fields. It is important to know how the quality of various products depend on CNC operations and programs.

Providers of CNC machines should also be scrutinized since the result of the product you produce will be directly affected by the quality of the CNC machine(s) used to manufacture it. CNC machining helps many industries to do their jobs efficiently and ensure that there is efficient production.

Now that you’re more familiar with how CNC machining is utilized in different industries, are you interested in building a high-quality CNC wood router at home with parts that you can find at your local hardware store? Such a router can be used to complete practically any wood project that you can imagine.

You can build creative works of art from plain wood and customize anything for your friends and family. Pre-built CNC woodcarving machines can cost upwards of $10,000, but this homemade solution can be put together for less than $1000.

For more information on how to build it, go here! Alternatively, you can read my full review of the program.

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