How To Landscape Around Trees – A Complete Plan Of Attack

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Mature trees add a beautiful shape and structure to your garden; they attract wildlife, offer shade, reduce stress and improve air quality.

Established trees give a sense of privacy to your garden and improve the curb appeal of your home. They add structure to your garden with their organic shapes, and they offer the peaceful rustle of leaves while absorbing urban noise.

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If you have established trees in your garden, you might wonder how to incorporate them into your landscape designs. When landscaping around trees, look at the style of your garden, how this fits in with your home, and the overall aesthetic you would like to aim for. You can then plan how to landscape around trees.

Establish your style.

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Before you begin to create your landscape plans, look at the style of your home, the overall aesthetic, and what you currently have in your garden. Your plans on how to landscape around trees would be different if you have a Japanese garden, a woodlands garden or an English country garden (1).

Once you’ve established your style or aesthetic (and determined whether you’re happy with that style) it’s time to look for images and reference photos or pictures; this will help you to determine options available to you.

Gather your images into a folder or mood board. Look at the shape of the plants in your images – are they grasses, flowering annuals or creepers? Note whether you have chosen small or large-leaved plants. What colors have you chosen?

If you have chosen images without plants, but with boulders or winding paths, this is also an important part of your aesthetic. You might want to place curved benches under your tree and create a picnic spot. If you decide to do this, look for inspiring photos to guide your designs. Look at the basic features which overlap in your photographs and consider how to incorporate them into your garden.

Focus on shape.

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When planning your garden, have a look at the shapes which appeal to you.

Landscaping around trees often takes on an organic shape. You might consider curving pathways, rounded flower beds or waved borders. By plotting the overall shape of your beds, pathways, or even the pattern of boulders or rocks, you give form and structure to your garden.

When considering shape, look at the rest of your garden. In a very modern, square garden with raised planters, go for a more circular shape, maintaining the clean-lined sleekness of the rest of your garden.

There are many different shapes or forms you can use for your design. From simple and small to large and spiraling, be adventurous in your planning. You can always limit your options later on as you become more familiar with the recurring patterns within your favorite designs.

Look at the hardware you’ll need.

When you’re landscaping around trees, you can create soft flower beds which merge with the surrounding area, or you can create rock, cobbled (2) or wooded borders. You might want to use boulders under your trees or build walls which incorporate benches.

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When landscaping, it is important to prepare areas for hard landscaping first; this is because the process of building can often damage plants.

Map out the shape of your designs in the soil. You can use lines created out of bone meal or make small trenches within the soil.

Next, measure out the amount of wood, rock, stone, cobbles or bricks you will need in order to create your structure. Once you have all the materials you need, you can begin the building process.

Time to plant…

When you’ve finished building, it is time to finalize your plant selection.

Be practical when adding plants. If you have a dog which tears through a certain part of your garden, leave pathways so that your plants don’t get damaged.

Take plants into consideration if you have small children as well. Avoid any poisonous plants, and particularly those with attractive (but poisonous) berries. Have a look at the condition of your soil as well as the overall climate of your garden, and select plants that will thrive in shady areas.

Add compost to your soil, and mulch the surface to maintain moisture. As the mulch breaks down, it will offer nutrients to your plants. Now you’ll have a beautiful feature area for your garden.

How To Find Your Inspiration

Landscaping around trees offers a lot of opportunity for creativity. It will create a beautiful feature area for your home which will bring curb appeal, and it’ll also create beautiful and tranquil settings for you to enjoy. Once you’ve decided how to landscape with trees, all that’s left is to enjoy the peace and beauty of your garden.

Drawing on visual imagery, you can find a number of different shapes and styles that you can use to design your garden.

If you’re looking for photo inspiration, there’s an inspiring landscaping package which will give you a range of styles, photos and blueprints to start your tree and garden planning. This is great if you’re working without a landscaper because it gives a step-by-step guide on how to style, plan and create your garden with easy plans so that you know you’ll get the result you want.

With this landscaping package, you gain instant access to:

  • thousands of high-quality landscaping designs and instructions
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  • and much more!
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Just some of the kinds of detailed designs you’ll have access to

With this resource, you can immediately begin realizing your dream landscape with trees, without the massive expense that comes with a professional landscaper. I strongly recommend checking it out.

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