My Boat Plans Review – Build Your Dream Boat With No Experience?

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Have you heard about a product called My Boat Plans? If you’re interested in boat building like me, you might be surprised to learn that the creator, Martin Reid, claims that it’s the easiest way for anybody to build their dream boat.

We all know how complicated boat building can be, with all the glue, plywood, timber and everything else. A boat has to be able to withstand crazy storms and even sea spray.

So when Martin said that his product makes boat building possible even for beginners, I decided to check it out.

In my Boat Plans review, I’m going to break everything down, including my story, what exactly you get with the program, pros and cons and my results.

ScottI’m Scott, and I’m no stranger to carpentry. I’ve been fine tuning my craft for decades.

I have a carpentry workshop where I make furniture and all kinds of DIY projects. I have extensive knowledge in woodcarving and cabinet making, having spent thousands of hours in my workshop.

This didn’t leave me confident that I could build a boat.

A boat isn’t like a finely-crafted piece of furniture, which stays safe and protected in a home. Boats go out onto the water and are subject to the elements; they face harsh weather and salt spray.

When I told my friends I was going to be building a boat, they looked at me as though I’d said I was going to the moon!

I was still determined to do it.

I have personal reasons for building a boat.

My father enjoyed fishing, and he’d take me on his sailboat as a child. A while back he passed away, and as the new oldest male in the family, I felt adrift. I knew I wanted to feel his spirit close to me.

Going out on a sailboat would enable me to access my childhood memories.

The old man was more than just a fisherman though, and weekends were often spent repairing his boat. It was arguably what sparked my passion for carpentry.

Building a boat would also enable me to create my own unique designs. Sure, I would need some input on how to get it right, but being able to use my creativity would enable me to get the result I wanted.

I wasn’t sure how to get started, whether to use wood or fiberglass (1), or even how to begin with designing, but I did know that I wanted to start somehow. Sailing again would give me the freedom to make peace with the past, while working towards a new future. So I started to search the internet…

Review: Here are my thoughts on My Boat Plans…

I found My Boat Plans online after a lengthy and fairly frustrating search through different boating and planning sites. I couldn’t believe I’d found a product which brought together multiple designs and styles of boat.

My Boat Plans Review Box Art

The creator, Martin Reid, shared his own struggles with boat building. He also revealed how easy it can actually be once you know what to do.

His product is an attempt to provide guidance to beginner boat builders like you and me. However, he also has tips and repair techniques for professional boat builders.

All in all, it looked good, and the product had a 100% money back guarantee which lasted a full 60 days. Knowing that this couldn’t be a scam, no matter how difficult I believed boat building to be, I downloaded the product.

Here’s what you get with My Boat Plans…

I got more than I expected. The product comes with:

  • Blueprints for over 518 boats. These include rowing boats, catamarans, sloops, sailboats, yachts, cabin cruisers (2), kayaks, paddle wheel boats, and even novelty boats.
  • 40 videos, which guide you on boat building processes, how to build a canoe, sailboat, or other wooden boat, working with different materials, applying plywood skins, and so much more.
  • Over 500 pages of how-to guides, where Martin takes you step by step through the process of building different types of boats.

You also get free bonus software, including boat design software, a boat builders guide that shows you the regulations of recreational boat building, and tips on boat construction. There’s a guide for professional boat builders, which gives measurement tips and repair guides. See some examples here.

The My Boat Plans package is packed with a ton of boat resources. Even I was surprised at how much content was there.

Check out this testimonial (no, it’s not me, but it’ll do!):

My Boat Plans Pros and Cons

Here’s what I really like:

1. There’s a huge amount of options to choose from.

This helped me with customizing my boat. I was able to take what I knew I needed, such as sleeping cabins or a work space, and find an available option which would meet my needs.

I made a list of aesthetics as well as design requirements which appealed to me, and was able to match this to plans available.

2. The video section is comprehensive.

The video section leaves no stone unturned in assisting you with bringing your project into fruition. Assistance starts from the very beginning when you first start planning your project, and it guides you to the very end.

My Boat Plans Review Image 1

There are over 40 boat building videos

The videos are narrated and walk you through everything from building a specific type of boat to using different materials. Whether you’re a beginner or professional boat builder, the videos have tips and hints that are sure to help you with your project.

3. The visuals are amazing.

As a person who finds it hard to transform text into design, the visual guides are very easy to follow. They show you how to make progress every step of the way.

From boat plans to design tips, the package uses imagery to guide the process. 3D and color imagery shows you in detail what’s happening.

4. The bonus section is very helpful.

The bonus section, with its handy tips, boat builder’s guide and additional free design software, does a great job helping you to plan and develop your boat.

5. Free updates once you buy the product.

Every month when a new design comes out, you’re are able to download it and incorporate it into any future goals.

This is great for a beginner like me who’d like to start with a single boat but is inclined to expand my options at a later stage.

Here’s what I don’t like so much:

1. The download can take time.

All in all, this is a large package, and downloading it can take a long time depending on your connection speed. The package is over 900 MB, so if you think it’ll take too much time, it might be easier to sign into the members area and get the package on DVD.

2. There aren’t many yacht designs.

There are also not a great many yachts – only 20 available. This means that professional boat builders who are interested in complex designs may feel limited. Let’s hope they come out with additional yacht designs in the coming months!

My results after getting My Boat Plans

Before I purchased My Boat Plans, I didn’t know how or where to begin designing my dream boat.

The product offered so many options. I began by recording both the design and aesthetic attributes I wanted for my boat – this included looking at the shape of the bottom, the level of simplicity, and the number of sleep spaces in the cabin.

In the end, I compared this to the designs available in the package, and my boat basically found me. This gave me the confidence I needed to start, and the step-by-step tips reduced my anxiety throughout the process.

All in all, My Boat Plans took me through the boat building process from start to finish, and with some time and effort I was able to build a boat that would have made my dad proud.

Conclusion: Very happy with the My Boat Plans package

My Boat Plans is a fantastic, easy-to-follow guide that has enabled me to make helpful planning and designing choices about the boats I’m interested in building, saving me a lot of money in contractor fees.

As a beginner who was intimidated by the process of building my own boat, I couldn’t be more relieved. I’m able to fulfill my dream of sailing without the massive cost of buying a pre-made boat.

ScottMartin knows his product hits the spot and is offering a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. Wondering where to buy My Boat Plans? Currently, the product is on discount, so if you’re interested in designing your own boat without the stress, frustration, complexity and unnecessary cost, My Boat Plans is the perfect solution for you. It was for me.

You can get access to My Boat Plans at a special discount coupon price RIGHT HERE.

Thanks for reading this My Boat Plans review. See my summary and rating below. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop them in the comments!

My Boat Plans






Long-Term Potential





  • So many options to choose from
  • Video guide is excellent
  • High-quality, attractive visuals
  • Helpful bonus section
  • Free updates and 60-day guarantee


  • Large download can take time
  • Designs for yachts and certain other boat types are lacking a bit

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8 Responses

  1. Dave p. says:

    Thank you for the review. I just heard of this product a few days ago and I’ve been doing a lot of research on it. The lack of yacht designs isn’t a problem for me, but my dream boat is a catamaran and I’m wondering if this package has good instruction related to that. What say you?

    • Scott says:

      It sure does Dave. As I mentioned in the review, there are blueprints, video and how-to guides among other things. You should be well taken care of. Catamarans are beautiful boats!

  2. Zach DIY says:

    hey Scott.. this goes through Clickbank, right? just want to be sre because I know they are legit. I am definitely thinking of taking a look at this. thanks!

  3. John says:

    I’ve been working on a sailboat for the past couple months now and I’ve been making terrible progress. I can’t seem to find good instruction out there – think this will save me? I’m tired of picking up scraps of information and never getting the full picture.

    • Scott says:

      Yup, that’s exactly what this is for John. You’ll have all the instruction you need to get over the hump and actually make it to the end. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. paul manken says:

    Scott, I’m a little concerned. I’ve been doing some reading and some people say this is a junk product. First of all, they claim that Reid himself doesn’t own the plans and that they can be found elsewhere online. Other people have said that the product creators ignore refund requests. What can you say about this?

    • Scott says:

      Glad to address this Paul.

      1) It’s true that Reid can’t claim ownership to all the plans (I don’t believe he ever claimed that, although I understand how people can get the wrong idea considered the product is called “My Boat Plans”), but is that really surprising considering the amount of plans there are? And what does it matter anyways? The plans are clear, easy to understand, and they work.

      2) I’m sure that at least some of the plans can be found elsewhere online. This is expected considering nobody has any control over what people do with the plans that they have access to. You could have a product with totally revolutionary and never-before-seen plans, but preventing them from leaking would be impossible. A lot of the value of the product comes from the fact that all of these plans are compiled in one place, so that you don’t have to go on a hunt to find plans scattered around the Internet that may or may not be any good. It’s a huge time saver and very convenient for boat builders.

      3) As for the refunds, I certainly hope not, but I highly doubt this would be the case. This is because the product is handled through ClickBank, a reputable company which has to ensure that refund requests made within the refund window (60 days in this case) are honoured. If the vendor isn’t responding to a refund request, just go to ClickBank, and you’ll be guaranteed to get it. Anyway, I’ll have a talk with the vendor and see what the deal is with this.

      I think a lot of these people that are dumping on the product are just negative and skeptical of these kinds of offers in general. They go in with the mindset that because it’s a digital product and because it has a sales page that sells the product, it must be crap. This just isn’t true. And it often challenges their beliefs of what they think should be done when collecting boat plans. I think people who are interested should give it a chance.

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