Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas To Improve The Charm Of Your Home

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A front yard is the entry point to your home that does a lot when it comes to creating a first impression for visitors.

It not only expresses your taste but also brings out your personality. As tiny as your front yard might be, you need to carefully select complementary plants and designs that will maximize its visual appeal.

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There are a myriad of traditional and contemporary styles you can adopt for your small yard. While developing the front yard of your bungalow, farmhouse or beach villa, you should at least have in mind one or two landscaping ideas to help you along. It’s challenging to pull off something great, but it can be done.

Here are a few small front yard landscaping ideas that can help you improve the beauty and charm of your home:

1. Go bold by adopting flowering plants instead of lawn.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Image 1

Installing a picket fence on a petite front yard can work great, but it can be much more attractive when accompanied by carefully-selected flowering plants.

For a walkway that leads to your front door, you can line the side path with brightly colored anemones, periwinkle, miniature roses (1) or rows of small shrubs. Inside the yard, just near the house, you can consider putting different colors and heights of these plants so as to create a refreshing look.

2. Consider stones and pebbles for your front yard groundcover.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Image 2

There’s no doubt that lawns can make a beautiful courtyard when well-trimmed. However, if you want to add some class to your front yard, then you might need to consider adopting a stone courtyard. Pebbles and/or pea gravel can really be attractive in this regard.

Before adding any gravel or stones, be sure to line the ground with weed-resistant mesh. For borders and other leftover space, you can consider planting bromeliads, aechmea or any of your favorite plants. Larger rocks can also be used for edging your small front yard for a minimalistic yet attractive design.

3. Try out some potted plants.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Image 3

Nothing can perfectly complete your pebbled front yard (discussed above) like one or two pots of your favorite plants.

Some of the plants you can plant in your courtyard pot include ornamental pepper, hydrangea, coleus and colorful succulents among others. These plants can really go a long way in complementing the landscape and other plants and flowers found in your front yard.

4. Take advantage of plant boxes.

If your front yard is too small, you can make good use of plant boxes near your house. You can use small green plants or medium-sized flowers to create a rather hazy effect on the plant box setup. This will help elevate the look of your home by making the front yard space look a little bigger.

5. Plant some small trees in the yard.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Image 4

Your tiny yard can be more appealing when you add small or medium-sized trees, especially when the ground is covered by lawn. The trees will not only provide a focal point but will also increase the sense of depth in the landscape.

If your front yard has a longer walkway leading to the house, then you can consider planting several of them on each side of the central path. Greener trees in this case can encourage a sense of subtlety and relaxation, even as you welcome your visitors.

6. Combine tall grasses with a small fence for a house that’s located near the road.

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Image 5

If your home is located near the street, it can be quite challenging to carry out some landscaping considering the fact that the front yard is also small.

All is not lost, though! Planting lush, tall grasses in front of a low fence or picket fence can really protect the home while still providing a perfect view of it. On the lawn on the inside of the fence, you may include perennial beds and a couple of trees to spice up the overall look.

Final thoughts…

As you can see, landscaping your front yard can be quite easy if you employ a little bit of creativity.

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4 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Scott, thanks for the tips. Our front yard looks pretty awful and is in bad need of landscaping – some of the things you mention here I’ve never thought of. We’re going to be planting some trees and adding stones for decoration; the only thing is our yard is pretty sloped which presents somewhat of a problem. Anyway, I was looking for some photos of front yard designs, and I’m definitely going to check out your link a little bit later.

    • Scott says:

      Sounds great Lisa. There’s not much more satisfying in this world than a well-landscaped property! Sloped lawns do pose some challenges when it comes to landscaping, but it definitely can be managed. Thanks for reading!

  2. Jeff D. says:

    good read, but I’d like to see some examples of front yard designs. we recently moved into a 1500 square foot home and are looking to landscape our yard.

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